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Mar 28, 2011 12:30am EDT
. if the government took over the health care system, america as we know it, as i was given it, as my grandfather who came to this country that place would no longer exists. so i just went out and started talking and working on campaigns and talking to people around the country and trying to stir people up and provide a message and a lot of feedback. you should think about doing this again, running for something. i kept walking down the path. i found out, by the way, when i went to iowa we had been in 21 states but when i went to iowa c-span actually covered my speech. other folks started paying attention. they said, "oh you are running for president." i said, "no, i'm just visiting the states." i kept going back to iowa and then new hampshire and south carolina because, every time i did, i got covered. i wanted to be heard. when i did that, was encouraged by people in those states to start thinking about it and that is sort of how this all happened. it was really by accident. >> you were quick to point out you are not a tea party guy. >> i love the tea party but i will not claim the mantle. tea part
Mar 20, 2011 6:30pm EDT
obama continues his trip to latin america. tomorrow, he isn't santiago, chilly, with a speech. -- he is in santiago, chilly. -- chile. today on "road to the white house," an interview on why someone is likely to enter the gop race. this is about 45 minutes. >> why are you thinking about running for president? >> i am thinking about running for president for several reasons. reasons. my parents were able to achieve their dreams. they wanted to own a house and turn it into a home. my parents just could not afford to buy an entire home. that was one of their dreams, and they achieved that. in input -- they wanted to see their two sons get a better their two sons get a better start in life and did. life and did. i graduated from morehouse college in 1967, and my brother, he eventually graduated from morris brown college, so we were able to achieve our american dream based on our own individual aspirations and determination. and for my grand kids, i do not believe they're going to have that opportunity because of the changes that are happening in this country. >> such as? >> such as too m
Mar 20, 2011 9:30pm EDT
index report of 2011. i was startled when they showed me that in 2009, the united states of america was no. 6 in the world, not even one, but we were six, and in 2010, we dropped to eight. and in 2011, we dropped to ninth. because of the attack of all of the regulatory and tax stuff and being opposed to businesses and individuals, and i think that is going to strangle the ability of our children and their grandchildren to pursue their dreams, and i believe in that old adage that we all have to use our individual powers to do what we can do to try to make things right. >> when someone talks about your candidacy, if you go back in history, from abraham lincoln through today, only two presidents did not hold elective office. military generals. grant and eisenhower. >> yes. i will be the third one to have not held office and the first one to have not held office and to have not been in the military, but i respond to that and say to the people, most of the people in washington, d.c., have held political office. how is that working for you? the many town hall meetings that i have been at.
Mar 6, 2011 9:30pm EST
in just two months. let's imagine that america's oldest and most highly regarded financial institutions were beginning to topple literally like dominoes. i think it is fair to describe this scenario as a dire. that is precisely the scenario that faced economy in late 2008, around the time that congress passed tarp into law. today, the panic of 2008 is a slowly fading memory. tarp played a role in turning the page on that grithe grim chapter. i believe that any hearing on the part should begin by recognizing its greatest success, in a moment of financial panic, it helped to pull our market back from the abyss. despite this accomplishment, the tarp remains deeply despised by the american public. most of the anger is understandable. it did much more for wall street than it did for everyday americans. it is only fair to note that some of the bun popularity is due to misunderstandings about its track record. -- about the unpopularity is due to misunderstandings about its tractor -- about its track record. only 33% believe that most of the money will be recovered. many of the greatest skeptic
Mar 13, 2011 6:30pm EDT
in the united states. this is an incredible statement. the united states of america this year will be the top nation in the world with the highest corporate tax rate of any nation. do you want to know why jobs are getting out-sourced from america. look no further than this figure. 35%. $3.8 million. that's our next number. that's the i.r.s.'s estimate of the number of words in the tax code. how many of you are busy filling out your tax forms right now? this is something i know something about. when we call the i.r.s., they couldn't even give us an actual number of words in the tax code. and you are liable under penalty of perjury and under jail time to get this right. $3.8 trillion. happy reading. i hope you are enjoying it. april 15th is coming. let's look at another number. $1.2 trillion. that's the estimate that we spend in this country for compliance with regulations. i consider the regulatory burden in this country one more tax on the job create -- creators of this nation. now the number one figure. this administration has issued one permit zshzpactly one permit to drill for energy since
Mar 6, 2011 6:30pm EST
that america's biggest banks are too big to fail and the rules apply to everyone else in america do not apply to them. this belief continue to distort our financial markets, advantaging the largest banks on wall street, while disadvantaging everyone else in the country. the cost of moral hazard is not easily quantifiable, but it is real and reprehensible. today's hearing consists of three panelists. first we are joined by acting assistant secretary who currently manages all t.a.r.p. programs for the department of treasury. i particularly hope that you will share with us your lessons learned after working with the t.a.r.p. for over two years. what can our nation learned from this ugly experience and how can we prevent it from ever happening again? our second panel includes witnesses from the fdic, fha, and federal reserve. these offices played a critical role during the crisis, often coordinating with additional t.a.r.p. programs. i hope these witnesses will help us place t.a.r.p. in its proper place. finally, we will be joined by four of the country's leading economists, who bring exceptional
Mar 7, 2011 12:30am EST
. ross perot in 1992, newt gingrich in the contract with america in 1994 the company focused on the words and the power of language. oxford university, for my ph.d. in philosophy, which i hate it. and focus groups on msnbc and in thoughts of for the last quarter years. host: another from twitter, and his potential bid for the white house. guest: you have to have a legitimate bid. might blumberg could make a bid for the white house because he has had a greater impact than anyone else than probably bill gates. donald trump is a television personality. mike bloomberg is a statement. i would assess bloomberg to be credible. host: from iowa. caller: i have one question, and now it is too. i am from iowa. i live in steve king's district. so i walk among a lot of misinform the republicans in my daily life. had you find that many -- they were surprised to find out that the president of united states was not a muslim. do you believe that you should of said something? guest: the voters that colin from iowa and new hampshire, you are gold. and particularly at this point in the election cycle. i will
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)